Product details

• Original Concept: Ken Cockburn

• Design and Production: Barrie Tullett

• Format: 56pp, with 4pp printed covers

• Size: 186x130mm

• Production method: Digital Print

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: Winter 2017

• Price £10

• Available from: Barrie Tullett


Book description

Our third book of overlooked and overheard texts, this book is a sequel to Ken Cockburn’s Overheard/Overlooked and Overlooked/Overheard –  collections of found poems published by The Caseroom Press in the spring of 2011 and Summer 2015


As with the last book, Second Year Graphic Design students at the Lincoln School of Art were asked to keep their ears open over the summer. When they returned to University the texts were collated and selected by Ken Cockburn then typeset by Barrie Tullett.


Visually it's quite a departure from the previous books in the series, and from Barrie's typographic work in general – the texts being typeset, distorted on photocopiers then edited and composed in Photoshop.


With contributions from Lee Flatman, Ryan Forrest, Megan Favell, Ashley Godber, Holly Humphries, Joshua Jepson and Ashley Gillott.