Product details

• Original Concept: Ken Cockburn

• Design and Production: Barrie Tullett

• Format: Concertina with 40pp

• Size: 148x90mm

• Production method: Digital Print

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: Spring 2018

• Price £10

• Available from: Ken Cockburn


Book description

'In 2011 I worked with pupils at Mortlach Primary School, Dufftown, Moray, and sculptor Mary Bourne. We wrote about pathways in and around the town, including one to Meg’s Widd. For the wood I also suggested several word-pairs to feature on a set of six orienteering control points.


Each point features two letters. We used the word-pair STONES/STICKS; the first point offers the first letter of the first word, and the sixth letter of the second word, S/s; the second the second letter of the first word, and the fifth letter of the second word, t/k; and so on. At each point the participant writes down the relevant letter, gradually revealing the whole word; and the course can be undertaken in one of two directions. As far as I know the stone points are still there, should you fancy the trip, and the exercise.'


Ken Cockburn