Product details

• Original Concept: Tamar MacLellan

& Philippa Wood

• Design & Production: Tamar MacLellan

& Philippa Wood

• Format: Bound volumes of The

Windham Papers

• Size: 120 x 210mm approx

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: Spring 2018



Book description

Windham (re)worked is a collaborative altered book project produced in response to an invitation by Sparks Artists to select a book from a collection of discarded library books housed within Christchurch College Library, Oxford.


We selected The Windham Papers Volumes I and II, Diaries of the Life and Correspondence of the Rt. Hon. William Windham, 1750-1810, and chose to adapt a volume each by responding to a series of pre-determined instructions. The artists took it in turns to set each instruction every two-three weeks, and the eight instructions were carried out without discussion preventing influence of each other’s work.  As the project developed, each instruction enforced change upon the book in terms of form, function, appearance and identity.


The finished work formed part of an exhibition entitled Ex Libris: Altered Books and provided the opportunity for the adapted volumes to be reunited.


Photographs by Donald MacLellan