Product details

• Project Creators: Imi Maufe and Rona Rangsch

• Box Size: 165 x 165 x 85mm

• Production Methods: Various

• Publication Date: January 2014

• Price available on request

• Limited Edition: 50

• Available from: Please contact Philippa Wood

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Book description

Voyage Boxed is a collection of 18 works by artists who took part in an exhibition entitled Voyage: sea journeys, island hopping and trans-oceanic concepts at Künstlerhaus Dortmund in 2013. A year on, and Voyage Boxed was the creative answer, by curators Imi Maufe and Rona Rangsch, to the issues involved with touring exhibitions.


As a collaborative project, the only stipulation for each artist was that the work had to be a development of the original piece submitted for the original exhibition – in Philippa’s case an artists’ book entitled 8 minutes across – and the work had to measure 148 x 148mm to fit into a handmade box. For more information see here.


One in 26 million explores the 8 minute journey across Hong Kong harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui to Kowloon on the Star Ferry.


The wooden format with star motif reflects the ferry’s on-board seating. Eight becomes the dominant theme, with each piece having a total of eight processes applied.


The content aims to highlight the brief nature of the journey.


Voyage Boxed was produced as a limited edition of fifty and has been purchased by various permanent collections.