Product details

• Poems: various authors

• Translations: Arne Rautenberg (English-

German), Ken Cockburn (German-English)

• Design: Barrie Tullett

• Production: Gyles Lingwood

• Format: Paperback

• Size: 147x102mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: June 2006

• ISBN: 1 905821 00 X

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Book Description

‘The “Football Haiku” is one of the shortest poetic forms: just three words. The traditional Japanese haiku is one inspiration; another is the newspaper headline, especially those found on the sports pages, with their endless coining of puns and neologisms based both on footballing terms, and on the names of players, teams and coaches. A third is the t-shirt slogan, especially those revealed by footballers who have just scored a goal; sadly, this is now considered a yellow-card offence, and such literary hijinks have been greatly reduced, if not quite extinguished.’

from the Afterword by Ken Cockburn


The Season Sweetens is a book of two halves, it contains 23 football haiku in English with German translations and 23 football haiku in German with English translations.