Product details

• Original Concept: Philippa Wood

• Design & Production: Philippa Wood

• Illustrations: Jantze Tullett

• Format: 16pp with felt cover

• Size: 110x80mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: Spring 2011

• Price: £10

• Limited Edition: 11

• Available from: Sold Out


Book description

Designed and produced by Philippa Wood, with illustrations by Jantze Tullett, this small 16pp book, designed to replicate a needle-case, explores the contents of a sewing box that was inherited on the death of a family member. Pen and ink drawings are juxtaposed with short statements from the family who recall their memories of the sewing-box and its contents


The book combines ink-jet printing with typewritten text and rubber stamps; four of the edition includes fabric elements that are machine-stitched to the pages. Felt covers with button detail and fabric endpapers.