Product details

• Original Concept:Irvine Peacock

• Design & Production: Philippa Wood and Irvine


• Illustration: Irvine Peacock

• Format: 8pp hardback book with greyboard


• Size: 250x200mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: Autumn 2011

• Price: £30

• Limited Edition: 15

• Available from: Sold Out


Book description

The Good Man forms part of the ongoing MerzBox project by The Caseroom Press. This limited edition artists' book is a translation by Jack Zipes of a Kurt Schwitters Tale..


Screen Printed illustrations combine with Letterpress prints to explore the story of a man, who through his own kindness, succumbs to a swarm of mosquitoes and ultimately dies... Each book is individually branded with a mosquito stamp.


Silkscreen, Letterpress and Rubber Stamp