Product details

• Original Concept: Philippa Wood

• Design & Production: Philippa Wood

• Illustration: Tamar MacLellan

• Format: Hardback

• Size: 230x100mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: 2006

• Price £12

• Available from: Sold Out


Book description

The Desk Book demonstrates the importance of the domestic and familiar object in our working lives, creating a ‘home from home’ in which a sense of self permeates professional space.


Limited Edition of 30 copies, utilising low-tech media. Each book is individually produced using a typewriter, pages are french folded blotting paper. There are two versions of the book – one with illustrations using carbon paper, the other using ink.

Exhibited as part of Shelter exhibition at Yamawaki Art &Cultural Center, Lasell College, Newton, Massachusetts, USA and Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Sprint, Maryland, USA


Held in permanent collection:

‘The Ministry of Books’ library, University of Portsmouth