Product details

• Concept & Translations: Ken Cockburn

• Design & Production: Barrie Tullett

• Cover and endpaper design & illustration:

Jantze Tullett

• Size: 125x180mm, 64pp

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Production Method: Digital print

• Publication Date: Summer 2012

• Price: £5

• Limited Edition: 100

• Available from: Ken Cockburn


Book description

Made over the past decade, Snapdragon is a newly published collection of translations of poems by the German writer Arne Rautenberg.


As all books are, it is a collaborative effort. Ken was introduced to Arne by Alec Finlay, who has written the cover blurb; Stewart Conn heard Arne and Ken read in Edinburgh and 2003, and his poem ‘Translations’ describing that occasion is included.


Not only is the book ‘full of surprises’ and ‘clever and compelling’, according to Northwords Now, but Sally Evans’ Poetry Scotland Review says that ‘Snapdragon is one of the prettiest small books I have seen for a while. Cover designer Jantze Tullett has come up with a repeat and border pattern with related end-papers that truly welcome you to the book’ – in their ‘Recommendations for Librarians,’ the Scottish Poetry Library says that ‘The Caseroom Press love designing books (book design nuts, see their blog and drool).’


The book is the first in a proposed series of new translations.