Product details

• Concept, Design & Production: Philippa Wood

• Format: Concertina fold bound within outer


• Size: 210x390mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: Spring 2010

• Price: N/A

• Limited Edition: Unique Copy


Book description

Exhibited as part of E-motive exhibition at Artworks-MK, Milton Keynes,

and the University of Northampton.


Send is a unique artists' book produced specifically for the ‘we love your books’ 2010 exhibition theme ‘E-motive’.


This concertina book, based in E-mail titles sent during the month of May (the fifth month of the year – E is the fifth letter) – and over a five year period, adopts a series of pre-determined rules to develop the structure, hierarchy and composition of the book.


Letterpress and Typewriter