Product details

• Original Concept: Arran Rushforth, Rae Shirley,

Nathan Taverner

• Design & Production: Arran Rushforth, Rae

Shirley, Nathan Taverner

• Editor: Philippa Wood

• Format: Softback

• Size: 176x125mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: Summer 2008

• ISBN-13: 978-1-905821-09-9

• Price: Sold Out


Book description

Round our end, down our way... the places we call home; whether we love them or hate them, invariably they become a part of who we are. These places can inspire and nurture us, hurt and trap us, darken and lighten us as we learn and grow. They can shape our perceptions, inform our decisions and influence our creativity


A song or a dance. A phrase or a word. A colour or an image. Our cultures. Our roots. Our families.


Our dreams and experiences, the beautiful and the ugly, will always be with us stepping stones to our own individual destinies. Home, some say there's no place like it, yet most of us leave it and set up one of our own. People are funny like that.


Winner: Student Book of the Year