Product details

• Texts: John Stocker

• Circle form suggested by: Alec Finlay

• Editor: Ken Cockburn

• Design and Production: Barrie Tullett

• Format: 4pp colophon, 40 unbound circle

poems, screenprinted folder.

• Size: 210x210mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: Summer 2015

• Price £30

• Available from: Barrie Tullett


Book description

Lone Figure Climbing


Dancing On Pedals


Click Click Whirr


A series of circle poems on the theme of cycling, this project was originally planned as a sequel to The Season Sweetens, published back in 2006. In the long wait until it has finally seen the light of day, the format has changed from an A5 paperback to a large format series of loose sheets, each one of which contains an infinity poem.


The format is a reference to the GLOUP and WOUP anthology edited by Bob Cobbing. All but two of the series are printed on yellow stock – a nod to the Yellow Jersey of the Tour de France, but two special covers are on the pink of the 1980s GLOUP and WOUP reprint.