Recovered | Recorded //

 Product details

• Original Concept: Philippa Wood

  & Tamar MacLellan

• Design & Production: Philippa Wood

  & Tamar MacLellan

• Format: A pair of concertina books. 8pp each

• Size: 52 x 60 mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: Autumn 2018

• Price: £6.00

• Limited edition: 25

• Available from: Philippa Wood




Book Description

Whilst digging in the garden of a newly acquired house, fragments of china started to be unearthed on a regular basis; these findings, whilst not particularly important, or indeed valuable, still held a certain significance and captured a glimpse into the lives of previous residents; subsequently there was a reluctance to return them to the soil. Whilst much has been written on this subject there has been no substantiated conclusions as to why our gardens are littered with these (mainly) blue and white fragments. Having recovered in the region of 150 pieces of pottery from the garden, this book focuses on a small selection of a growing collection.


Recovered: Photocopy from original dry-point etching onto 135gsm cartridge. Recorded: Risograph print onto 135gsm cartridge. Typewritten label to covers. The pair of books is contained within a plastic archive bag, with record card and a piece of found pottery.