Product details

• Original Concept: Philippa Wood

• Design & Production: Philippa Wood and Rob


• Format: Hardback

• Size: 200x150mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: 2007

• Price: Sold Out

• ISBN-13: 978-1905821 07 5


Book description

A limited edition artist’ book (50) which combines both digital and screenprinted production methods. Each book is individually hand-sewn and bound within a hardback cover.


Pride of place forms the third book in a series which records the way ordinary, mundane and decorative objects are used to lend personal meaning to the spaces in which we live and work. Through imaginative graphic treatment Pride of place focuses our attention on that most revealing of interior spaces, the fireplace and mantelpiece display.

Exhibited as part of Shelter exhibition at Yamawaki Art & Cultural Center, Lasell College, Newton, Massachusetts, USA and Pyramid

Atlantic, Silver Sprint, Maryland, USA


Held in permanent collections:

‘The Ministry of Books’ library, University of Portsmouth UWE Bristol Bower Ashton Library Collection and The collection of Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol.