Product details

• Concept, Design & Production: Philippa Wood

• Format: 12 page pamphlet stitched book with

coloured endpapers and screenprinted oilcloth


• Soft Covers

• Size: 19.8x25cm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Production Method: Screenprinted, typewriter

• Publication Date: Spring 2014

• Price: £25

• Limited Edition: 14

• Available from Big Cartel


Book description

This book is a visual record of items within my kitchen. Items either bestowed or inherited from friends and relatives; or unwanted and donated items purchased from second-hand or charity shops. Some objects have now acquired the status of ornament, as their function has been lost over time. I have now become the temporary custodian of this eclectic group of culinary objects.


Objects belonging to others.