Product details

• Concept, Design & Production: Tamar

MacLellan and Philippa Wood

• Size: 250x145mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Production Method: Letterpress and digital print

• Publication Date: Spring 2013

• Price: £15

• Limited Edition: 12

• Available from: Philippa Wood.


Book description

A recent collaboration with Tamar MacLellan has resulted in a limited edition artists’ book entitled Mr Craggs’ left-over type. After discovering a box of her father’s wood type in the attic, Tamar invited Philippa to work on a project based on the box contents. After examining the eclectic mix of type, anagrams were produced that enabled each letter to be used once within each phrase. Despite the limitations of the wood type, nine phrases were produced with accompanying mono-print illustrations – these were digitally printed and machine stitched to the letterpressed pages.