Product details

• Original Concept: Irvine Peacock

• Design & Production: Irvine Peacock with

• various collaborators

• Format: Box with painted figure/frame plus

• contents

• Constructed from heavy archival card: approx.

• 385 x 300 x 67mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: Autumn 2009

• Price: On application

• Available from: Irvine Peacock


Book description

The MerzBox is a box of wonders. It contains drawing, prints, objects, assemblages and artworks based on the fairy stories of the revolutionary German artist Kurt Schwitters. Each MerzBox will be framed by a unique piece of artwork created by Irvine Peacock.


The boxes are responses to individual stories – taken from the book Lucky Hans and other Merz Tales (Princeton University Press, 2009. Translated and Introduced by Jack Zipes, illustrated by Irvine Peacock).

This is the third collaboration between The Caseroom Press and Jack Zipes. Our first, Tales to Change the World is now available and Utopian Tales will be published in the near future.


The MerzBox catalogue can be seen here: