Product details

• Concept, design and production: Angie Butler

  (ABPress) & Philippa Wood

• Format: a pair of 12pp, machine stitched fabric

  books• Size: 85 x 54mm

• Size: Hers – 146 x 145mm. His – 230 x 220mm • Production method: Letterpress

• Publication date: Autumn 2016, Bristol and


• Price: £52 for both volumes

• Limited edition: 15


Book Description

Fond Farewells is part of an on-going project by the Caseroom and ABPress – entitled Endangered Species – this particular edition examines lost language and acknowledges the disappearance of well used phrases from our culture.


Traditional English words we say to each other on parting are printed on vintage handkerchiefs (His and Hers). The covers are cut from old-fashioned dress and suit fabrics. The books are machine stitched and tied together with a woven hand-finished label sewn onto a grosgrain ribbon.