Product details

• Poems: various authors

• Translations: Ken Cockburn

• Design: Philippa Wood

• Format: Hardback, concertina binding

• Size: 235x100mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press

• Publication Date: March 2007

• ISBN: 978 1 905 82103 7

• Price: Sold Out


Book description

A raucous Dylan concert, Icarus as an asylum seeker, teenage misdemeanors and a celebration of indolence – just some of the topics covered in this wide-ranging collection of recent German poems translated by Ken Cockburn.


Feathers and Lime features work by Thomas Brasch, Rudolf Bussmann, Christine Marendon, Arne Rautenberg and Tina Stroheker. Other than Brasch, this is the first time work by these poets has appeared in English in book form.


‘[The poets] live in different parts of the German-speaking world, and work out of different literary traditions. This disparity is real, but the poems do share certain qualities: an insistence on activity coupled with a need for silence; the use of personal images and metaphors to articulate a public language, and conversely the use of the language of public discourse to assert a personal space; and always the terrible magnetic pull of the past has to be negotiated.’

from the Afterword by Ken Cockburn

Held in permanent collection: The Klingspor Museum Offenbach Archive