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• Poems and translations: Christine De Luca,

Robert Alan Jamieson, Lise Sinclair, Rhoda

Bulter, Andres Ehin, Riina Katajavuori,

Adalsteinn Ásberg Sigurdsson, Thor Sørheim,

Amanda Aizpuriete

• Design: Barrie Tullett & Philippa Wood

• Editor: Robyn Marsack

• Format: Hardback

• Size: 297x179mm

• Publisher: The Caseroom Press/The Scottish

Poetry Library

• Publication Date: November 2006

• Languages: Shetlandic, Estonian, Finnish,

Icelandic, Norwegian,

• Latvian, English

• ISBN: 0 9532235 6 6

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Product description

This collection of parallel poetry translations is unique in its linguistic scope, and in its use of space and photography to convey the atmosphere of a poetry workshop in Shetland.


The aim of the workshop was to bring together poets writing in lesser-known, northern languages and to create translations which drew on their linguistic and cultural connections. Literature Across Frontiers and the Scottish Poetry Library managed the project and the poets involved were: Christine De Luca, Robert Alan Jamieson, Lise Sinclair (Shetland), Andres Ehin (Estonia), Riina Katajavuori (Finland), Aðalsteinn Ásberg Sigurðsson (Iceland), Thor Sørheim (Norway) and Amanda Aizpuriete (Latvia).


The page is used as a landscape – with each of the columns 'owned' by a language. Column one is Shetlandic, column two Icelandic and so on. Visually this was intended to reflect the views of the Shetland coastline. The shore, the hills, the sea are all represented by the texts. Sometimes there is a lot to see – at other times the emptiness is overwhelming. In addition, black and white landscape photographs punctuate the book, and a section of snapshots of the poets in conversation, walking, writing, reading, conveys the intimate, convivial, sometimes strenuous days of working together.


This book is the lasting and elegant evidence of that work.